Below are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't listed, send us an email:

Do you accept new members?

Yes,  drop us a note through the contact us feature and someone will reach out to you.

Do you have to ride a motorcycle to join?

Well, we are a riding club, so it helps.  Steady passengers (aka significant others) can be members -  and of course, as a member, your family is our family – so they can join.  But we are a social club as well and we do have associate members who don’t ride, but we really have to like you…  Again, drop us a note through the contact us feature and someone will contact you.

Are there restrictions to membership?

Sure, to ride with us, you have to have an M license and motorcycle insurance.  We have to like you, so you can’t be a jerk; You have to participate.  So you are expected to attend meetings, fundraisers, and outings.

Are you an Outlaw or 1% motorcycle club?

Seriously??? If you have to ask that, you’re looking at the wrong club.  We are a family-oriented, charitable, social riding club. Check out About Us, it is who we are.

I don’t ride, but I’d like to attend your public and charity events, am I welcome?

Yes, please attend!  We would love to meet you and introduce you to the amazing charities we support.